About Us

Dream Project of Roger and Lee Mix

Frankfort Crystal Lake RV Resort is a privately owned resort by Roger and Lee Mix. After retirement, Roger and Lee Mix bought an RV and planned to travel one RV Park at a time throughout the country.

They absolutely fell in love with the RV life and decided to actualize their dream. Frankfort Crystal Lake RV Resort is their brainchild in every sense.

Family Vacation Destination

We have been serving campers since 2012. The Resort is growing each year and has fast become a family vacation destination. Our resort is in complete alignment with mother nature to provide you a relaxing and fun vacation.

Our Park Manager

Brenda Mead has been working in the hospitality industry for years, first in hotels, and now in campgrounds.  She has a degree in hospitality management, business administration and accounting for those who need help in that area 😉.

Her love of camping and helping people has brought her to our little piece of paradise and we cannot wait for you to meet her.  She is staying on site and can be found by the golden chick.  Brenda is there to help you with all of your reservation and camping needs.

Maintenance man

Darren Adair is in charge of maintenance at FCLRV.